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The Angelus Sower
  • The Angelus Sower

    Think of it like this. The greatest artists of all time all began their work by copying the work of the great artists who went before them. They studied their patterns, their color compositions, their brushstrokes, their vision and ways of seeing. They wanted to get inside of the artists mind. They did this by studying their work and then by copying their works. They worked by imitation. Through this process, something of the artist was mysteriously imparted to them. As imitation became impartation it took on the shape of improvisation. Van Gogh didn’t just pull his famous painting of The Sower out of the sky of his imagination. No, he started following the art of Jean-Francois Millet, whose painting of a peasant sowing seed captured Van Gogh’s imagination. He began by making direct copies and one day he painted his own imaginative version, anchored in the work of Millet and yet completely new. All prints come as one of a kind. 

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